A Toothache Could Be a Warning Sign

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Are your teeth trying to tell you something? Do you have a massive toothache but are not sure why? If so, keep reading! Our dentist, Dr. Jeff Olson with Oak Ridge Dental in Burnsville, Minnesota, understands toothaches and is happy to provide you assistance.

A toothache is a health condition that sends you a warning with something is amiss. When a toothache strikes, the first thing to do is to keep calm. You can apply an over-the-counter option of pain relief to help you during the day. Another thing you can do is use an ice pack to numb the pain. For some people, a heat compress can also help with pain. However, remember to only use the ice or heat for a few minutes at a time.

When you have a toothache, it is central to make sure you are upholding good dental hygiene practices. Flossing, as an example, might solve your toothache troubles if a seed or food-particle is stuck between your teeth and gums. Remember to keep the area of your aching tooth clean, so it can relieve your pain and promote the healing process.

If you need to find out what is causing your toothache or feel it’s time for a dental cleaning, please call us today at 952-435-0355 to make an appointment. Our team stands ready to help your aching smile!