We are grateful for every one of our patients, and they are grateful for their new smiles! Check below to read some of the stories from our patients who have undergone our Invisalign® treatment in Burnsville, Minnesota! Dr. Jeff Olson and our entire team treat every patient individually, helping them achieve the smile they have been searching for in a comfortable and effective manner. Contact Oak Ridge Dental at 952-435-0355 to learn more and get started on your new smile with our dentist today!

I have been a patient of Doctor Jeff Olson at Oak Ridge Dental in Burnsville Minnesota since 1999. For the past 20 plus years I have received the best professional Dental Care from Dr. Olson and all of his staff. Last year Dr. Olson suggested to me to start the Invisalign program to straighten my teeth. Never having been to an Orthodontist I was skeptical about getting my teeth straightened. (I had heard too much about being in metal braces for 2-3 years).

My top front tooth crossed over the other one and my bottom row of teeth in front were all crooked. I went like this for much of my life, sometimes embarrassed about it.

I thought about Dr. Olson’s recommendation, and in August of 2019, I decided to go ahead with the Invisalign Program. Dr. Olson’s staff took the necessary X-rays and measurements in about one hour and ordered the retainers for making corrections to my teeth.

I came back in one week and received the first Invisalign retainer. Once a week I would replace each retainer with new one which made a slight adjustment each week. I had periodic visits, (about 3), to check on the process and shown in advance the progression this was making.

Dr. Olson told me in the beginning that by Thanksgiving and again at Christmas how much my teeth will have straightened out.

During this amazing short time frame, only 5 months, I now have a perfect smile showing all straight teeth. I only wish this procedure would have been found years ago. – Jerry O.