At Oak Ridge Dental, we use MTM® Clear Aligners to correct slight misalignments in your smile, and straighten your teeth without the use of traditional metal braces. We welcome you to call us at 952-435-0355 to learn more about MTM Clear Aligners in Burnsville, Minnesota, and make your appointment with our skilled dentist.

MTM Clear Aligners are an excellent choice for correct small problems in the alignment of your teeth, such as crowding or gaps. Correcting small problems like these improves your oral health as well as the appearance of your smile, and makes it easier for you to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Best of all, this removable aligner is made of clear plastic, allowing you to complete your entire treatment without ever covering up the natural beauty of your smile.

Each aligner provided by our dentist is custom-made to fit your smile, and progressively advances your teeth into their ideal position. During your treatment, you will need to visit our dentist every 2-3 weeks so that we can monitor the progress of your smile and make sure that all is proceeding as planned. MTM Clear Aligners are removable, allowing you to eat and drink without complication, and making it easy for you to brush and floss.

MTM Clear Aligners are surprising affordable, and achieve results at fraction of the time and cost of many other aligner or bracket treatments. In fact, the average treatment time with MTM Clear Aligners is 4-6 months – a significantly shorter treatment time than more traditional orthodontic treatments.

Remember to clean your aligners regularly during your treatment. If left dirty, they can cause your teeth to appear discolored or stained.

For more information about MTM Clear Aligners and to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentists, contact our practice today.