Do Energy Drinks Cause Dental Damage?

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You may have noticed that soft-drink usage is down and energy drinks are on the rise. You can get them pretty much everywhere now from the convenience store to the restaurant and everywhere in between.

Dentists around the world let out a joint sigh of satisfaction to note that sugary soda consumption is reducing, only to be chagrined to find out that energy drinks are simply replacing them–and they have much more sugar!

The three most harmful ingredients in energy drinks are:

-Acid: Acids attack the protective enamel of your teeth, breaking through its barrier. Once your teeth are exposed, they are vulnerable to decay.

-Sugar: Energy drinks can have up to 3x the amount of sugar that is in a normal can of cola. Sugar is the enemy of your teeth because it a friend to bacteria. Bacteria feeds on sugar, allowing it to grow. Increased bacteria means more dental decay.

-Caffeine: Just like coffee, energy drinks contain caffeine, a powerful stimulant. But energy drinks double and triple the quantity to where its like drinking 3 cups of coffee. Stimulants make you alert, and too much of a stimulant makes you clench your jaw and grind your teeth. You may not even realize you’re doing it! The powerful pressures of the chewing muscles can cause tiny cracks, fractures, and premature wear on the surfaces of your teeth.

Our advice to you is to stick with pure clear water as your number one drink of choice.

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