Is a Composite Filling Right for Your Smile?

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Where a cavity occurs in your mouth could determine what type of filling you receive. For example, fillings made of gold or a metal amalgam are very strong, and are good for taking care of cavities in your molars, which handle the hard work of chewing your food. But what about a cavity in a tooth is visible to other people? While a metal filling may be strong, you may not want a grey or gold spot in tooth that others can see.

In a tooth that is easily seen by other people when you smile, you may want to consider a composite filling. Composite, or tooth-colored fillings are very popular because they bond directly to the surface of your tooth, and moreover because they can be shaded to match the tooth surface.

After the dentist removes the decayed material, he will apply the composite in layers, and the tooth must be kept dry during this process. Each layer must be cured before the next layer is applied. Because of this, the process takes longer, and composite fillings are not as strong as other types. They are often reserved for smaller cavities that are in teeth that do not receive a great deal of pressure from biting or chewing. The dentist will polish the filling to help it blend in, and to make it stain resistant.

All fillings eventually need to be replaced, and composite fillings are no exception. You will need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day, and see your dentist for your regular cleanings and examinations. If you have a cavity that needs to be filled and would like to know if a composite filling is right for you, you should take time to visit our dentist, Dr. Jeff Olson at Oak Ridge Dental in Burnsville, Minnesota. Call 952-435-0355 today to make an appointment, and let’s get started on your brand new smile!