A Toothache Could Be a Warning Sign

Are your teeth trying to tell you something? Do you have a massive toothache but are not sure why? If so, keep reading! Our dentist, Dr. Jeff Olson with Oak Ridge Dental in Burnsville, Minnesota, understands toothaches and is happy to provide you assistance. A toothache is a health condition... Read more »

Gum Disease Treatment Through the Stages

Your gums require as much care as your teeth if you want to avoid the effects of gum disease. We offer a review of the different stages of gum disease, how they affect your health, and how they can be treated. The first step is to prevent gum disease as... Read more »

Healthy Diet, Healthy Smile

A healthy diet is just as important as dental hygiene for your oral health. Here are some tips and tricks to using food to benefit your mouth.   One of the best things you can do for yourself is to drink a lot of water. This is beneficial to overall... Read more »

A Dental Bridge Might Be Able to Replace a Tooth Lost to a Severe Cavity

Without timely professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Jeff Olson, even a small cavity can escalate into a big problem. In time, the bacterial presence associated with untreated tooth decay can penetrate the sensitive core structures of the tooth. In some of these cases a root canal can help... Read more »

The Toothbrush Facts You Might Find Interesting

Little did you know, there is more to your toothbrush than the facts that it can clean your teeth and gums, wash bacteria away, and help you prevent dental problems. In fact, there are details about your toothbrush that you never knew and that you might even find interesting. Our... Read more »

Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Aging and Dental Health

To ensure your smile can effectively last a lifetime of heavy use, it is important to make sure you're doing everything you can to keep it safe. In addition, there are numerous oral health tactics and techniques you can use to keep your smile healthy. Consider the following questions to... Read more »

A Dental Bleaching Treatment Can Improve the Appearance of Tobacco Stained Teeth

Tobacco is a complex plan that is known to carry a diverse chemical profile. When you smoke cigarettes, and cigars or you chew tobacco it can introduce these chemicals and tar to your mouth. This can prove a potent source of pervasive dental stains. Many instances of tobacco stained teeth... Read more »

How We Do Tooth Sensitivity Checkups

When teeth remain sensitive for too long, it's probable that they’re an indication of a larger underlying condition, such as gum disease. Left untreated, tooth decay could lay waste to your mouth. But don't worry: your friendly team at Oak Ridge Dental is here to assist you. A general visit... Read more »

Is a Composite Filling Right for Your Smile?

Where a cavity occurs in your mouth could determine what type of filling you receive. For example, fillings made of gold or a metal amalgam are very strong, and are good for taking care of cavities in your molars, which handle the hard work of chewing your food. But what... Read more »

Your Questions About Dental Bridges Answered

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that is made up of two dental crowns with a replacement tooth in between. The replacement tooth is used to fill a gap in an individual’s smile and the dental crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap to... Read more »