Is a Composite Filling Right for Your Smile?

Where a cavity occurs in your mouth could determine what type of filling you receive. For example, fillings made of gold or a metal amalgam are very strong, and are good for taking care of cavities in your molars, which handle the hard work of chewing your food. But what about a cavity in a tooth is visible to other... read more »

Autumn Smile Makeovers: Healthy Diets for your Smile

Are you ready for the holiday seasons to begin? Is your smile ready for the holidays? Although the idea of enjoying this time of year with your mind, your eyes, and your stomach may seem appealing, don't forget about the state of your oral health. When selecting foods and snacks to munch on, always be aware of their impact on... read more »

The Facts of Oral Hygiene: Toothaches

A toothache refers to pain felt within a tooth because of damage to your nerve endings. Usually, if a nerve ending is injured or harmed, it means that there is a hole in the tooth enamel somewhere and bacteria has entered the tooth and began to infect the pulp. An oral accident or injury may also be the root cause... read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: Fluoride

Is fluoride safe for your teeth? According to recent studies, fluoride has been shown to strengthen tooth enamel and guard your teeth against the dangers of tooth decay and cavities. Although fluoride doesn’t promise a mouth free from cavities, by supplementing it into an oral health care routine that includes daily brushing and flossing, the probability that your teeth will... read more »