A Toothache Could Be a Warning Sign

Are your teeth trying to tell you something? Do you have a massive toothache but are not sure why? If so, keep reading! Our dentist, Dr. Jeff Olson with Oak Ridge Dental in Burnsville, Minnesota, understands toothaches and is happy to provide you assistance. A toothache is a health condition that sends you a warning with something is amiss. When... read more »

A Failing Dental Filling

A minor chip, cavity, or small physical defect in a tooth can often be prepared with a simple dental filling made from amalgam or composite resin. Once it has been cured by a special ultraviolet light the filling material will repair the tooth for a long time to come. However, an inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine can gradually start to... read more »

Taking the Best Steps for Flossing

Nothing can distract you more like a piece of food in your teeth you just can’t get out with your fingers or tongue. At Oak Ridge Dental, we suggest the best option for you is using floss. This is a method that should be used daily in your dental care regimen along with brushing twice a day and visiting your... read more »