Why the Dental World Recommends Sports Mouth Guards

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Did you know that the American Dental Association reports upward of 200,000 oral injuries can be prevented annually by wearing a sports mouth guard? You too can safeguard your smile and oral health by wearing a custom-made mouth guard while performing athletic activities. A sports mouth guard helps prevent injury to your smile by cushioning your jaw, teeth and gums so that they don’t come to accidental harm.

In fact, the American Dental Association recommends that athletes who participate in the sports activities of any kind wear a mouth guard. This includes football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and even non-contact sports like gymnastics. Wearing a sports mouth guard protects the teeth against hard blows that could fracture or break them, displace the teeth or even knock them out. Other potential injuries are bitten lips and cheeks and jaw fracture.

Most sporting goods stores offer a basic stock mouth guard that you can use whenever needed. This type of mouth guard is inexpensive and comes in three different sizes. Another choice is to go with a boil and bite mouth guard, which can be better molded to the shape of your teeth. However, if you want the most comfortable mouth guard with the best fit and less concern of discomfort or speech impairment, we invite you to choose a custom-made sports mouth guard. This is offered by our dentist at Oak Ridge Dental

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